B.D.A. Contact magazine. January 2010.

Di Hillage.

Many dyslexic learners have difficulty in producing neatly presented work on paper. This can be a particular problem with some aspects of maths. In other subjects a word processor provides a solution but when it comes to entering things like fractions and algebraic expressions, not to mention diagrams, much time can be wasted and frustration caused.

Similar problems arise with some aspects of science such as chemical equations.

Two packages, FX Mathspack and FX Sciencepack, from Efofex, based in Australia, are available to help with such problems.

The maths pack contains – as advertised on the website:

  • FX Draw – The Only Drawing Tool Designed For Mathematics Teachers and Students
  • FX Equation – Astoundingly Quick Equations
  • FX Graph – Powerful Graphing made Dead Simple
  • FX Stat – A Statistics Package Designed for Secondary Schools

While the science one has:



The programs integrate with common word-processors such as M.S. Word. So for example to type fractions, typing 2/3 + 3/4 into the equation box which opens from the tool-bar gives the presentation on the right.

More extensive items from higher levels of Maths and Science are provided…



Other tools are available with FX Draw being particularly powerful. With such extensive facilities it will take some time to be able to use the tools effectively, but the effort should prove worthwhile for those working at these levels, whether students or teachers. The tools do come with tutorials in the form of Powerpoint presentations and online support.

Of particular interest to those who have difficulties which could benefit from use of these programs, Efofex will provide individual copies free of charge, as described below:

Efofex will provide (free of charge) registration codes for all of our products to any student whose disability makes mathematics and science materials difficult to produce.  This offer is subject to conditions to ensure that the offer is not abused. The school (or equivalent institution) must provide a letter, that states that the student attends the school and suffers from a disability that makes mathematics and science materials difficult to produce.

More details are available at www.efofex.com. Contact Chartwell Yorke on
01294 811 001 (www.cymaths.co.uk) for details of free offer and UK sales.

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