B.D.A. Members

B.D.A. staff will make new arrangements for conversion and availability of accessible files in various formats of B.D.A. Dyslexia Contact magazine for September 2015.
See page 3 in the magazine for details. The audio files will be available on request from the B.D.A office 0333-405-4555.

B.D.A. Dyslexia Contact magazine, May 2015:

PDF file. This printer file is very good for viewing, but not good for listening. 4,812kb.

Plain M.S. Word version. This is better for listening and for setting your own visual preferences of color, size and typeface.

ePub version and Mobi version for Kindle. in DropBox.

MP3 audio files.

The zip file of the MP3 audio files is in DropBox. It is very big, 18,603kb.

See Word List of Audio files.

Right-click on the link to save. Or click on the arrow to listen online.

0. Audio file list

Page 1. Front Cover

Page 3. Contents list

Page 4. C.E.O. Editorial

Page 5. Advertisements

Page 6. B.D.A. Training

Page 8. Working together

Page 9. Poster by Arran Smith

Page 10. Dealing with dyslexia

Page 11. Exhibition Roundup

Page 12. Learning from experience

Page 14. Virgin London Marathon

Page 16. Hidden Traces

Page 18. Fundraising update

Page 19. International conference

Page 20. News from B.D.A. NTC

Page 22. Visual problems

Page 24. Seeing the positives

Page 26. L.A.B. Report

Page 27. L.A.B. region map

Page 28. Dyslexia Pioneers

Page 29. Advertisements

Page 31. Conferences

Page 32. Advertisement

B.D.A. Dyslexia Contact magazine, January 2015:
PDF file. 5,682kb.
Plain Word file. 1,720kb

B.D.A. Contact magazine. September 2014.
PDF file. 6,487kb.
Plain Word file, 2,241kb

B.D.A. Contact magazine. May 2014.
PDF file. 6,684kb.
Accessible ‘look-alike’ Word version and PDF version.
Plain Word file, plain version. 1,973kb

B.D.A. Contact magazine. January 2014.
Word file 1584kb. PDF file 1128kb.
Single Column Word file. 1,543kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. September 2013.
Word file 1944kb. PDF file 1259kb.
Single Column Word file 1432kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. May 2013.
PDF file
2611kb. Word file, 5229kb.
Single Column Word file. 2441kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. January 2013.
PDF file
2957kb. Word file, 6702kb.
Single column, with small images, Word file. 691kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. September 2012.
PDF file
Single column, with images, Word file. 782kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. May 2012.
PDF file
6mb. M.S. Word file. 7.5mb.
Single column M.S. Word file. 3mb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. January 2012.
PDF file
5707kb. M.S. Word file. 7203kb.
Single column, text only, Word file. 208kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. September 2011.
4894kb. M.S. Word file. 7871kb.
Single column Word file. 3602kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. May 2011.
4534kb. M.S. Word file.  8431kb.

B.D.A. Contact magazine. January 2011.
4787kb. M.S. Word. 6629kb.

© B.D.A. New Technologies Committee. August 2015.
Copies of this page may be made, by B.D.A. members only, providing it is unchanged and the source is acknowledged.

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