Useful Links

These are some links you could find helpful:

The British Dyslexia Association (B.D.A.) is a source of information for those involved with dyslexic people. It runs campaigns for recognition of dyslexia in education and the workplace and provides training courses and conferences.

Dyslexia Action was formed from the merger of the Dyslexia Institute and the Hornsby Centre and is involved with the assessment and teaching of individual dyslexic children and adults, as well as the training of teachers. There are centres all over the U.K.

aims to provide information resources on assistive technologies that are designed to help those with specific difficulties or disabilities work and study more effectively. They run a database including product descriptions, links to manufacturers, suppliers with addresses as well as other related resources including advice and training guides where available. News items linked to the use of assistive technologies are regularly posted and updates occur on a weekly basis. It is part of the Learning Societies Lab at the University of Southampton’s school of Electronics and Computer Science.

Brilliant Ideas for Using I.C.T. in the Inclusive Classroom by Sally McKeown and Angela McGlashon. A David Fulton book published by Routledge ISBN 978-0-415-67254-2 £22.99. Available from SEN Books, reviewed by B.D.A. NTC and CALL Scotland.

Local Dyslexia Association members of the British Dyslexia Association are listed at:

L.D.A. Helpline list

L.D.A.s who have I.C.T. activities:

Several LDAs offer computerised screening for dyslexia.

Adult Dyslexia Centre (Thames Valley).
Courses include I.T.

Birmingham Adult Dyslexic Group
has Assistive technology hardware and software for members to try out.

The Dyslexia Association.
For adults: Assistive Technology training to learn how computers and other aids can help. Computer tuition for literacy, numeracy and typing.
For children: Touch-Type Read and Spell courses.

Dyslexia House Association.
I.C.T. information. Links to on-line games.

Dyslexia Network Plus.
Workshops with introductory talks, hands-on sessions and discussions of individual needs. Demo disks. Lexion screening for children.

Ealing Dyslexia Association.
Computer Coordinator. Touch-type Read and Spell courses.

Leeds and Bradford Dyslexia Association.
Computer Coordinator and Computer Club.

Leicestershire Dyslexia Association.
Saturday workshop including Computer Literacy, I.T. and typing. On-line games.

Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association.
Touch-type Read and Spell courses.

Dyslexia Association of Staffordshire.
Help for adults with I.T. skills: Internet, E-mails, Attachments, Word, Excel.

Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association.
Touch typing classes.

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