This page is a Contents list, for the benefit of people using devices which do not display the drop down menus or the list in the right side column. It shows Word, PDF and Powerpoint files linked from web pages.

Home: About us Checked 05/2015
NTC profiles PPT
Accessibility Checked 05/2015
Getting started Checked 05/2015
Not a magic cure Word and PDF
Catch ’em Young Checked 05/2015
Early Identification of Dyslexia PPTX,
& MP3
Computer Assessment
and Screening
Checked 05/2015
Learning Checked 05/2015
Technology for Literacy PDF
I.C.T. and Literacy Word and PDF
Dyslexia Friendly Schools PDF
Supporting skills PowerPoint
Preparing for a Review Meeting Word and PDF
I.C.T. for Literacy. Amended 05/2015
Best use of I.C.T. PDF
I.C.T. support for Wave 3. Word and PDF
Catch up 3 CD. Word and PDF
Teach your monster to read. Word and PDF
Touchtronics. Word and PDF
I.C.T. for Writing Checked 05/2015
Clicker Word and PDF
WriteOnline Word and PDF
Symbol support. Word and PDF
11 ways of using M.S. Word 2007. PDF
Typing skills. Checked 05/2015
I.C.T. Numeracy and Maths Checked 05/2015
FXMathspack Checked 05/2015
Turning the tables Checked 05/2015
Study Skills Updated 04/2015
What Technology? Checked 06/2015
Some useful hardware. Powerpoint 21mb
How I.C.T. helps your dyslexic child. Powerpoint 5mb
Small portable devices Checked 07/2015
Kindle 3 Review Word and PDF
More Kindle Comments Word and PDF
BlackBerry Playbook Word and PDF
B.Y.O.T. Word and PDF
Apps and dyslexia. Checked 07/2015
iPad use. Checked 07/2015
Spelling Checkers Checked 07/2015
Text to Speech Checked 07/2015
Writing for TTS Checked 07/2015
Writing for TTS Word, PDF and XLS
Accessible formats Checked 07/2015
Textbooks for all reports Word and PDF
Technology for reading Word and PDF
Examinations Checked 07/2015
Assistive Technology PDF and PPTX
Computer readers. Checked 07/2015
Exam pens. Checked 07/2015
Speech Recognition Checked 07/2015
Using speech Checked 07/2015
SR Parental Advice Checked 07/2015
S R Questions. Checked 07/2015
Mindmaps Checked 07/2015
Rationale: concept map + Word and PDF
Freeware Resources Checked 07/2015
My StudyBar Word and PDF
Audio Files Additions 07/2015
Jolly Phonics Extra Word and PDF
JPE Review Word and PDF
Typefaces for dyslexia Amended 08/2015
Typefaces for dyslexia PDF
A.T. Overviews Checked 08/2015
A.T. for University Word and PDF
Technology: Access for All Word and PDF
My Support Network Word and PDF
I.T. to Enjoy Word and PDF
I.T. Positives and Pitfalls Word and PDF
I.T. takes longer! Word and PDF
Music Technology Checked 07/2015
What’s new? Posts Revised 08/2015
Useful links Checked 07/2012
Events Updated 05/2015
NTC at B.D.A. Conference Checked 08/2015
Success Strategies PPTX
B.D.A. Members (passworded) Updated 08/2015
Contact us Checked 07/2013
Questions Checked 08/2015
More Questions Checked 08/2015
Contents Updated frequently
Link to Technology News Twitter Updated frequently
© B.D.A. New Technologies Committee. August 2015.
Copies of this page may be made providing it is unchanged and the source is acknowledged.

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