Listen to this website with BrowseAloud.

This web is enabled for BrowseAloud with synchronised speech. We cannot show their tool-bars, but do try it out, see Support/Video Tour, and download the free software for PC, Mac or mobile devices. See More about BrowseAloud below.
Get BrowseAloudGet BrowseAloud

Change text size.

Each browser has options for changing text size. Most browsers respond to Control (CTRL) and + (plus key); Control (CTRL) and – (dash key for minus).

Screen colours.

We cannot change the screen colour on this free WordPress web (and people like different colours.) Try your Brightness options, and your browser options. You can download free Colour Explorer or free Screen Tinter Lite.


Free ATbar download gives choices for text size, colour, typeface, speech (without synchronisation), dictionary, readability and prediction. You can use it on all webs.


Free Babelbar download offers speech of selected text (without synchronisation) translation into 20 languages, background color and font size options. You can use it on all webs.

More about BrowseAloud.

Whether you are using a Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac, BrowseAloud will provide the reading support tools you require for free.

What is BrowseAloud?

BrowseAloud is a suite of products that provides reading support on websites. BrowseAloud reads website content out loud, highlighting each word as it is spoken in a high quality, human-sounding voice. Other features include:

  • Dual-Colour Highlighting
  • Text Magnification
  • Talking Dictionary
  • Talking Translator
  • MP3 Maker
  • Screen Masking

More than 7,000 websites use BrowseAloud, so once you have it on your device you can listen to all of these websites too. It only works on enabled websites.

Who BrowseAloud Helps?

BrowseAloud helps any website visitor who requires online reading support or simply wishes to listen to the information on this website instead of reading it. BrowseAloud is particularly useful for those with print disabilities such as dyslexia or mild visual impairments and those with English as a second language.

How do I get BrowseAloud?

Go to the BrowseAloud Website to learn more. You can then choose the product you want, for free.
BrowseAloud informationBrowseAloud information.

Support with using BrowseAloud.

A full range of support services are provided for BrowseAloud.
Tel: 0800 328 7910.

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