I.C.T. book review

Brilliant Ideas for Using I.C.T. in the Inclusive Classroom by Sally McKeown and Angela McGlashon.

A David Fulton book published by Routledge ISBN 978-0-415-67254-2. £22.99. Available from SEN Books.

Sally McKeown and Angela McGlashon have produced a book that will be an excellent resource for lesson ideas for busy teachers who want an effective way of using I.C.T. to provide ways for all children to be  included in the learning environment of the class.  The book has 50 illustrated case studies and 20 starter activities with photocopiable worksheets.  These start with ideas for effective ways of using the interactive whiteboard and include suggestions for including activities with video, dvds, iPods,  digital recording, satnavs and programs like Clicker, Textease and Powerpoint.  Most curricular areas are covered as well as animation, dance, behavioural support, communication and incentives to improve writing skills.

Both the authors have extensive S.E.N. and I.C.T. knowledge and experience and have collected together a wide selection of realistic activities, that have been tried and tested by teachers in schools.  The approach is sympathetic to the needs of children with S.E.N. but will enable them to work on activities that are appropriate for all children, on an equal footing with all the class.

Judith Stansfield
B.D.A. NTC (Associate)

CALL Scotland has reviewed this book favourably.

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