B.D.A. International ConferenceB.D.A. International Conference.
Creating Impact through Innovation.
27 to 29 March 2014.

The programme includes these B.D.A. NTC presentations about technology for dyslexia:

Friday 28 March. 13:35 to 14.55. Symposium.
E-books and digital learning materials – breakthrough or missed opportunity to support dyslexic learners? - Abi James, Malcolm Litten, Justine Flower, Ian Litterick, E. A. Draffan and Alistair McNaught of TechDis.

Friday 28 March. 15:35 to 16:55. Symposium.
Exploring the experiences of applying technology-enhanced coping-strategies to assist dyslexic learners of all ages – Abi James, Judith Stansfield, Malcolm Litten, Cheryl Dobbs, Neil Cottrell and E.A. Draffan.

Saturday 29 March. 14:10 to 14:30.
Dyslexia: Reducing Working Memory Demands – Neil Cottrell, NTC.

Friday 28 March. 10:35 to 11:55. Workshop.
IPads in Numeracy:Supporting Maths Learning Difficulties and Dyscalculia – Mary Delahunty.

Friday 28 March. 10:35 to 11:55. Workshop.
Load2Learn, Alternative Formats and Affordable Technologies for Dyslexic Readers – Dominik Lukes.

Saturday 29 March. 10:40 to 11.00.
Using digital pens to assess handwriting skills – Rumi Hirabayashi.

B.D.A. International Conference programme.

Technology Exhibitors include I.C.T. Organisational Members:
bActive Brain Solutions.
Iansyst Ltd.
Jelly James.
Touch-Type, Read and Spell.
B.D.A. International Conference. Exhibitors.


Workshops, open days, videos, guidelines.

Apple free workshop sessions for device users. Choose your nearest store, and follow the links to find the available dates. Apple will not know as much about dyslexia as the companies below.

Barry Bennett has free open days for D.S.A. and workplace assessors and support staff to explore Assistive Technology in workshops by major suppliers.

Crick Software runs free Breakfast Clicker 6 seminars.

Iansyst preview days monthly in Cambridge. Phone or e-mail for a free 2 hour appointment with an Assistive Technology Specialist.

Inclusive Technology Information Days. Monthly free sessions, booking essential.

Sight & Sound free events, in various venues.

You can sign up for newsletters and announcements from most of these publishers and suppliers. Most have explanatory videos on their web.

If you have an I.C.T. dyslexia-related event coming up, please let us know!

© B.D.A. New Technologies Committee. March 2014.
Copies of this page may be made providing it is unchanged and the source is acknowledged.

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